If you need to check that a concrete pavement is being laid to specification, our Non Destructive Test (NDT) equipment enables you to measure the layer thickness or layer depth. For concrete pavements, you can also non destructively test the precise positioning and alignment of steel work (dowels, tie bars and re-enforcement). It is suited to both slipform and fixed form pavement constructions and results are available immediately at site so that informed decisions be made.


MIT-SCAN2-BT Tie Bar Alignment & Positioning Test

MIT-SCAN2-BT Tie Bar Alignment & Positioning Test is a measuring system for the non-destructive, accurate measurement of dowel bar or tie bar positions and alignment in concrete pavement, according to ASTM E3013.

MIT-SCAN-T3 Layer Thickness Test

MIT-SCAN-T3 Layer Thickness Test is built for the non-destructive determination of the layer thickness / layer depth of concrete pavements, according to TP D-StB 12.