MIT-SCAN-T3 Layer Thickness Test – Asphalt & Concrete Pavement – Overview

The MIT-SCAN-T3 from MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik GmBH is built for the non-destructive measurement (NDT) of the layer thickness or depth of asphalt pavements and concrete pavements using the Magnetic Imaging Tomography technique, which is covered by TP D-StB 12.

 MIT-SCAN-T3 Asphalt & Concrete Layer Thickness and Depth TestThe consistent application of a required depth of asphalt or concrete layer thickness is important to road construction contractors and their clients, the road authorities and councils who need to verify that the asphalt or concrete has been laid to the required thickness. The MIT-SCAN-T3 enables you to perform this task efficiently. The MIT SCAN-T3 can be used directly after the application and rolling of hot asphalt. This means that it can be used to measure partial layer thickness to ascertain exactly how much material is required to bring the pavement thickness up to the final required level. It can also be used on milled surfaces. The accuracy of the MIT SCAN is ± (0,5% of measured thickness + 1mm). This compares favourably with surveying. There is no need for calibration and the equipment compensates for changing environmental conditions. MIT-SCAN-T3 Asphalt & Concrete Layer Thickness and Depth TestThis includes wet road surfaces or magnetic aggregates. To find out more, Contact Us.

When compared to the conventional surveying method, by combining surveying and the MIT-SCAN-T3 methods together, conservative savings of 35% for asphalt and 25% for concrete can be realized at the time of laying the pavement.

Other advantages of the MIT-SCAN-T3 include:

  • Non-destructive measurement (NDT)
  • Light, hand held device, take-apart for transport
  • Only rough localisation of the reflectors before measurement, no exact determination of reflector centre necessary
  • No need of calibration, changing environmental conditions are compensated
  • No disturbances by wet road covers or magnetic aggregates
  • MIT-SCAN-T3 Asphalt & Concrete Layer Thickness and Depth TestCommon reflectors allow measurements up to 500 mm (20 inch)
  • Measurements possible on steel reinforced bridges
  • Check of dimensions & conditions of reflectors
  • Applicable for all types of commercially available reflectors
  • Calibration for customer specific reflectors possible
  • Can be integrated into automatic reflector laying and thickness measurement systems
  • PC-Interface for data transfer and further evaluation