Tie Bar /Dowel Bar Alignment & Positioning Test MIT-SCAN2-BT Overview

MIT-SCAN2-BT Dowel Bar Tie Bar Alignment & Positioning

The MIT-SCAN2-BT Tie Bar Alignment & Positioning Test from MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik GmbH is a measuring system for the non-destructive and accurate measurement of tie bar / dowel bar position and alignment in concrete pavements, according to ASTM E3013.

The advantages include:

  • Non-destructive test (NDT) – no need to do coring to measure depth
  • Easy to use
  • Measurement can be taken extremely quickly (two to five minutes per joint)
  • More than 500 joints can be tested and analysed by a crew of two in an 8-hr workday
  • Results can be seen in a graphical display or a tabular format immediately in the field for quality control purposes
  • Results can be printed using the onboard printer immediately after scanning
  • As the results are immediately available, it allows the contractor to take corrective action immediately
  • Under normal conditions, depths as well as horizontal and vertical misalignments can be determined with an accuracy of ±4 mm and side shifts with an accuracy of ± 8 mm
  • Tie bar positioning and alignment can be checked within a few hours of concrete placement

Tie Bar Misalignment Types

Properly aligned and embedded dowel bars are vital for load transfer in jointed plain concrete pavements. Significantly misaligned tie bars may lead to joint locking which can cause slabs to crack. Improper placement (embedment) of tie bars leads to decrease in load transfer efficiency, which can result in faulting and other pavement distresses.

MIT MagnoProof Software for Dowel Bar & Tie Bar Alignment and PisitioningJoints in concrete pavements of highways, airport runways and container areas are exposed to stresses and strains due to traffic and temperature variation. Steel dowel bars, reinforcement bars and tie bars are built into joints, to support the transfer of loads across the joints and to maintain the elevation of adjacent slabs at the joints. The type and the number of dowels and tie bars as well as their accurate positions and tolerable displacements are accurately determined, to ensure the long-term performance of the joints.

The MIT-SCAN2-BT consists of a compact rail-guided measuring device, an easily assembled GRP (robust glass fiber reinforced plastic) rail system and a Pocket PC. The Pocket PC is controlled by MagnoNorm software and communicates with the measuring device via a Bluetooth connection. Detailed evaluation and analysis of the results on the Desktop PC is done using the MagnoProof software.

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